Social Media Facts and SEO Here are some quick facts for your favorite social media and search engine platforms. Based on the info graph, the no follow rule was suggested in 2005 to discourage spammers from getting your link and using it to their advantage. Another fact that you may want to know is millions of people tweet, check, […]

Private Equity Veterans Launch Revolutionary Topq for Fund Managers

TopQ is a tech start-up that is set to redefine the way private equity and venture capital fund managers communicate performance data with investors. Up until now private equity and VC fund managers have raised capital from institutional investors through a marketing process where they communicate complex and confidential performance track record data with prospective […]

How to Find the Best Online Accounting Package

Cloud technology has transformed the way we do business forever. More new businesses are taking their accounts online these days, and for good reason. Online accounting packages are an exciting alternative to traditional accounting options and many small businesses in particular are seeking out what can often be a simpler, less expensive solution. How does […]

How Might Accounting Standards Review Affect Your SME

Looking after your company’s finance can be a tough game in itself, struggling to keep things balanced. But things are often made a good deal more complicated when laws are introduced regarding the handling of accounts and their standards. Here, we take a look at the impact that a change to accounting standards might have […]

Data and Online Threats for SME

When it comes to online business, nothing is more valuable than data. Information is something you or your company needs to protect, as it’s the one thing would-be hackers are often looking for. For this and many other reasons, the right level of safety and protection is required when it comes to the internet. To […]

The Power of Good SEO

Companies that lack an online presence in the current business climate are one step behind their rivals. The fact is that so much business is now conducted in an online environment and if your company doesn’t recognise this soon, the consequences could be significant. The internet has become such a powerful platform for all manner […]