Social Media Facts and SEO Here are some quick facts for your favorite social media and search engine platforms. Based on the info graph, the no follow rule was suggested in 2005 to discourage spammers from getting your link and using it to their advantage. Another fact that you may want to know is millions of people tweet, check, […]

3 LinkedIn Ideas to Get Noticed by Big Companies

Social media. You’re either connected or you’re not. Do you routinely spend your morning commute glued to the latest status updates? Instagramming their breakfast pics or tweeting away in 42 characters or less? Yes? Instead of wasting time cyber stalking an old frenemy, set up a LinkedIn account and get ahead in your career without […]

Reaping the Benefits of Internet Marketing

Technology has really changed the marketing industry. For quite a while there was a standard operating procedure; marketing firms had tried-and-true methods they stuck to. The invention and spread of the Internet really changed the way businesses look at marketing. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may choose to hire an […]

Apps and Business Translates to Profit

Nowadays, everything can be accessed through the mobile phone. Games are no longer just played in the computer, and you can easily reply to your colleague through the use of an application. Applications or apps in mobile platforms have boomed over the past years. Their popularity is surprising, seeing that no one ever predicted they’d […]

Facebook Cover Photos: a New Way To Express Yourself

It has been almost a year since Facebook incorporated the cover pictures to our timelines. It is a wider picture at the top of our page, much larger than the profile photo. When that last one was long considered as our personal Facebook identification now we take care to reserve the best picture for the […]