How to Retain the Best Staff

Hiring the right staff is only one challenge in recruitment, the biggest challenge is how to encourage employees to stay once they’re on board. Despite the struggling economy increasing competition for vacancies, the best staff will always be in demand by other employers so it’s worth actively aiming to keep hold of valued staff. Team […]

Making Your Business Go Paperless

The amount of paper being consumed across the globe is having a devastating effect on the world. Mass deforestation is cutting the amount of oxygen being put back into the atmosphere and destroying animal’s habitats to such an extent that many creatures are going extinct. One of the biggest culprits of unnecessary paper usage is […]

Simple Steps for Reducing Print Costs

Most businesses are keen to save costs without losing efficiency, and saving money on simple aspects of day to day office life such as paper costs can actually make all the difference.  Apart from the environmental impact of excessive printing and paper use, watching the pennies tends to mean you’ll save money in the long […]

Retaining Through Training

Staff retention is a key concern of many businesses both big and small. The money spent on hiring the correct staff should not be wasted as those valued staff members decide to leave after only a few months. Although it’s easy in economically suppressed periods to take staff for granted as the job market falters, […]

Creating a Café Culture

In a time when more and more businesses are primarily trading online, nothing can beat the bricks and mortar of a local tea shop or café. A well stocked counter heaving with delicious cakes and pastries will always be popular, and keeping the footfall and revenue high is what matters. When opening a business supplying […]

Private Equity Veterans Launch Revolutionary Topq for Fund Managers

TopQ is a tech start-up that is set to redefine the way private equity and venture capital fund managers communicate performance data with investors. Up until now private equity and VC fund managers have raised capital from institutional investors through a marketing process where they communicate complex and confidential performance track record data with prospective […]