Statewide Traffic Laws: California’s Efficient Road Enforcement Squad

Traffic crimes can be a lot tougher in California with more stricter. This concerns people are under the influence, speeding, hit and runs, seatbelt, children safety, and etc. Traffic police handling drivers with the use tickets based only of disobeying common traffic offenses to other offences not related to traffic. This does not mean that […]

White Collar Crimes: Alabama’s Largest Crimes of 2012

There are thirty different classifications of white collar crimes that the state of Alabama uses to determine the source and how to prosecute the convicted. In the last year, over 700 or more people where convicted of having associations with white collar crimes. A larger number which does not abode well as it harms citizens […]

Sex Crimes throughout Florida: Serious Offense for Citizens

Florida has seen its own share of lewd sexual behavior with different groups focusing on assaulting others. In some cases children with a two year age difference could be held responsible for any sexual activities resulting in one or both are charged. Florida often refers to the common term rape as sexual battery involving a […]

Felony DUI in New York- a Class E Felony or a Class D Felony

A felony is a crime for which you might serve a minimum of one year jail sentence depending on the violation you have committed. Felonies could be murder, rape, burglary, kidnapping, arson, assault, sexual abuse or weapon possession. If you are convicted with a felony in New York State, the time you will serve will […]

Manslaughter DUI- Deaths Related to Drunken Driving

Driving under the influence refers to the act of operating a motor vehicle while influenced by alcohol or drugs. By motor vehicle we mean a car, motorcycle, truck, ATV, motorized scooter, and a boat powered by an engine. A driver is convicted of a DUI if his blood alcohol concentration level reaches 0.08. A higher […]

First DUI in New York- Serious Penalties, Permanent Crime Record

Driving under the influence, drinking while intoxicated, or impaired driving are all expressions referring to the act of operating the vehicle while influenced by alcohol or drugs. Convictions, in some states don’t necessarily include an actual driving of the car; it is sometimes enough for a person to have the keys in the ignition while […]