Commercial DUI- Severe Standards and Serious Penalties

The impact of drunk drivers on innocent people is shattering that is why New York laws impose harsh penalties for drinking and driving. Few facts will verify this devastating reality. One third of the mortalities in New York involve impaired or intoxicated drivers. The risk of crash and the blood alcohol concentration increase together side […]

Sealing/Expunging an Extensive Criminal Record

It is a joyous day for those with longed criminal records stretching over a long time. Many would be surprised to learn that most criminals under the right conditions can have the criminal past erased by the state of Washington. Once done the deal is sealed and the convicted can say they are again a […]

Out of State Arrest: Tourist Arrest in Ohio

Just because you are a visiting a relative or vacationing Ohio does count the wrong turns you have taken. Ohio is does condone those who come from another state just as they do with their own citizens. Though this type of conviction can be a long and tiring event to go through especially when you […]

Do the Proper Research Before You Jump

In today’s economy, it seems like everyone is looking for some quick and easy ways to make some extra cash. The internet is full of  ideas, and opportunities to help those who are eager and willing to invest just a little time, and share their knowledge and skills with the masses. There are a wide […]

Professional Liability Lawsuits

Yaz lawsuits had become a talk of the town for quite some time. This is because yaz lawsuits and Yasmin were also once the most popular birth control pills in town. More than ten thousand women took these pills taking the word of its manufacturers. However, based on the research, news reports and warnings made […]