Initial Step in Inquiring for a College Monetary Aid

One of the ways to support college education is by means of getting financial aid. Before you apply for one, you’ll have to take the preliminary steps first. The key step in getting a monetary help is identifying what type of applications you will assess. As a candidate for a financial aid, you will have […]

International Students: How To Adjust Far From Home?

International student exchange programs are great opportunity for skill-building and cultural immersions for the youth. It is also a great opportunities for the young minds to be honed on a foreign land, take in the great things about the country and be able to share the good stuff from his native roots. But, sailing off […]

Education Made Affordable, Here’s How…

Education cuts a huge chunk in the overall budget of the state. It remains to be at the top of the priority list of the government. Well, it should be. This is the only tool that can free families from poverty and make the United States stronger than ever. Having educated people is like having […]

Retaining Through Training

Staff retention is a key concern of many businesses both big and small. The money spent on hiring the correct staff should not be wasted as those valued staff members decide to leave after only a few months. Although it’s easy in economically suppressed periods to take staff for granted as the job market falters, […]

Amir Landsman and the Alumni of Israel’s Open University

Since 1980, the Open University of Israel has been awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees to students from around the globe. This prestigious university teaches more than 39,000 students from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. More students enroll in the Open University than in any other institution in Israel. The Council of Higher […]

5 Reasons Why You Might Need an Education Marketing Agency

Just like all good students, the education sector never stops changing. It’s an area of growth, change and development and if you’re providing services within the industry it can be hard enough to keep pace with it all, let alone making sure everyone knows about what you’ve got to offer. Because the digital marketing world […]