Resume: Your Passageway to A New Career

Your resume is your bridge to your coveted career. This is any employer’s first impression of you. What’s written in it will be his or her basis of setting up another screening or throwing your application to the trash bin. The latter is not a good thing, so you have to keep that happening with […]

Using the Internet to Find a New Career

Over the past few years the Internet has revolutionized how we do just about everything. We can now order everything from bread and milk to televisions and laptops over the web and many retailers have made the drastic decision to close their high street stores and resort to the online-only approach to business in an […]

Amir Landsman and the Alumni of Israel’s Open University

Since 1980, the Open University of Israel has been awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees to students from around the globe. This prestigious university teaches more than 39,000 students from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. More students enroll in the Open University than in any other institution in Israel. The Council of Higher […]

3 LinkedIn Ideas to Get Noticed by Big Companies

Social media. You’re either connected or you’re not. Do you routinely spend your morning commute glued to the latest status updates? Instagramming their breakfast pics or tweeting away in 42 characters or less? Yes? Instead of wasting time cyber stalking an old frenemy, set up a LinkedIn account and get ahead in your career without […]

Scoop for the Job Hunters

In a perfect world, right after you graduate from college, a top company will come knocking on your doorstep to give you employment. However, in reality, unless you are a whiz kid who scored perfect on all his exams in high school throughout college, this rarely comes true. In fact, most people nowadays find it […]

Be Your Own Boss in the Thriving Home-Inspection Industry

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, now is the perfect time to do it by getting into the home-inspection business. It doesn’t matter that housing values are still low. Home inspectors are still in high demand. In fact, many quality inspectors are getting more requests for business than they can handle. This […]