How to Overcome the Cash Flow in Imports

If you are in the importing business then you might have realized that large sums of cash are always tied up in the business at one time or another. Trade, export and import are one thing that you should gain enough information about them before you get into the business. The bad thing is that […]

Financial Spreadbetting – The Perfect Way to Profit from Rising and Falling Markets

Although different from traditional forms of investing, many investors and traders are using spread betting in order to consistently make profits. Due to the fluctuating economy, many investments have struggled to perform as forecasted and some have failed to make a profit at all. In order for traditional investments to create profits, they generally rely […]

Financial Spread Trading – Successful Share Spread Betters of 2012

Financial spread trading experts, Spreadex have put together a highly creative infographic which showcases some interesting statistics about the spread betting industry.

How to Find Buyers for Export

Selling your products or services internationally is the key to your business growth. However, finding buyers for your products is probably the most formidable challenge you may have to face. Geographical distance, diverse language, cultural diversity and lack of market trend awareness are some of the factors that pose real challenge to many potential exporters. […]