Music, the Womb and the Formative Years

As mentioned in studies, babies can already hear starting 4-5 months in utero. The baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat, other bodily sounds and also those outside the womb. There have been thoughts about letting your child listen to classical music through your belly before birth, and that this could make them smarter than they […]

Best Fit’s Your Interest

I love piano and I just wondered of buying one which is much cheaper and my children will be able to play it. I want to buy these guys, but I was just wondering, are the notes the same as that of a keyboard/piano. I ask one of my closest friends who is a pianists […]

Music for the Soul

There are many people who believe that music calms the soul. During my college years, I had opportunities to interview older women for my school paper. One time, our neighbor offered to help me complete my school paper. She asked her friends to participate in my survey. At that time, I didn’t know that our […]

A Second Chance

I was looking for this really cool gift that I could give to my husband. Since he was about to retire and his dream was to be a DJ, I got him a strat pickguards. He was so happy that he told me he could marry me all over again. I didn’t know it would […]

Strong And Bold With Poetic Lyrics

Sting has always been the most raved singer for his now more mature audience. For all his days remaining, he would be true. And with his poetic brilliance of drifting the empty seas, and exemplary use of the words no lyricist has ever done. To be seduced into stupor as one listens to him in […]

Finding the Best Acoustic Guitars for Your Needs

The most difficult part of purchasing acoustic guitars is to know exactly what the right model for you. If the guitar shop nearest to your place keeps has some acoustic guitars on stock, you must test them out before actually buying and paying for it. Every guitar is different from each other; you have to […]