How to Create a Budget and Stick to It

For most people, budgeting is a Herculean task that only the strong can manage. When it comes to money talk, individuals would rather eat nails and dirt, or shrivel up in the corner. If you are one of those people, do not fret. Today, you will learn how to create a budget, and go through […]

How To Save Money On Your Next Contact Lens Purchase

It’s time to get your next set of contact lenses, but you don’t want to pay the same prices you paid last time. Traditional retailers can be pretty pricey. You decide to shop around. Did you know that you don’t have to pay retail prices for contacts? Well, you don’t. You just have to be […]

Financial Freedom through Budgeting

The dream of every other person is to achieve financial freedom. People try out different ways of achieving this some of which work while others backfire. Among the most commonly known ways of securing oneself financial freedom is through investments. Investments can either be short term or long term but they all have the main […]

Learn How to Create a Frugal Budget

It is important to note that a well planned budget can help you in your endeavors to achieve frugal goals. Here are important steps in frugality and budgeting. List all your monthly expenses: You should make a list of all the expenses that you incur in a month with the inclusion of the small payments […]

Getting By Between Jobs

Unemployment – that word alone is enough to inspire fear and dismay. And while being between jobs can indeed present a significant financial challenge, it is by no means synonymous with destitute. Most of us in our lifetimes will have to face the obstacle of managing our finances during a job transition. Nothing can make […]

Frugal Living Tips on a Tight Budget

If you are trying to save money from your retirement or you have so many debts that you want to settle there are various factors that can help you tighten your budget. Many people think that the combination of frugality and budgeting is being mean but that is not the case. Read the tips below […]