Tips in Launching a Successful Company

When starting a business, everything depends on one another to make the business successful. It means you should have a good product to be able to make a good marketing and a good working force to make the business run smoothly. However, these things doesn’t just go together to make everyone successful in their business. […]

What Makes a Good Realtor?

The vast majority of people will need the services of a realtor at some point during their life. Therefore, it is very important to know how to identify a good realtor that will help you with your property purchase or sale. Unfortunately, not all the people in this business have the same level of professionalism […]

Business Building Strategies That Can Help Your Company Thrive

If you’re ready to see your company thrive and move forward like never before, don’t wait. Instead, get the process underway right now by developing a strategic plan full of techniques and tips that will keep your business in a state of constant progress. Here are just three strategies you can implement to make it […]

The End of the Chinese Miracle

The Financial times have released a new 15 minute documentary which explores the dwindling Chinese economy and the effect it may soon have on the world. The short film, narrated by FT’s Asia editor Jamil Anderlini examines how the seemingly limitless wave of cheap labour that helped propel the extraordinary boom in its economy since […]

Motivate Your Employees through Career Development

Although it has been clearly shown that a good Careers and Employment development plan benefits the company it also helps the employees in improving their skills. It is important that employees take a major role in attain relevant skills, this helps them to remain marketable in the job market and also equip themselves with the […]

5 Ways To Make Your Customer Service Shine

When it comes to building a mobile ecommerce website, like the ones you can build with, usually site owners focus on getting the site and apps up and running, as well as continuously tweaking the home page, product pages, category pages, menu, search, and checkout. Although these are important things to look after, it’s […]