How To Protect Yourself For Unfair Dismissal At Work

Work is rare these days. There are some of the bosses at work who don’t hesitate to fire you, if he don’t like how you are doing things. Even if it is the right way of doing. If you didn’t do anything wrong, it is illegal for any boss to just fire you.

You as a worker has rights

Workers have rights as well. You can’t just be fired without any valid reason. If you are being fired just because you helped your boss right or if your boss is just not liking you and got fired for nothing. There are rules and regulations that an employer must follow before he can fire anyone.

There is help out there if you have been  fired unfairly

There is attorney’s and lawyer that can help if you have been fired unfairly. They are trained and experience in unfair dismissals by their employer. They will make sure that you are getting your job back or your employer must pay you a lump sum money for the unfair dismissal. You must not lie and tell you have been fired unfairly and then the lawyer found out that you were lying the whole time. Then you are going to be the one who is going to be sued.

When to seek for a lawyer’s help

When can you go to a lawyer for help if you are fired? First, read through your contract again. Make sure that there isn’t any fine print that you didn’t see before, and make sure that it is really being unfair dismissal.  Make an appointment with your employer and ask for an explanation on what you really did wrong. And after the meeting, and you still feel that you are treated unfairly, then you must see a lawyer just to check if there is any legitimate reason for suing the employer. The lawyer then will check if you will have a case or not. You must just make sure this is really the path to take. If you start a lawsuit, there is no turning back from it.

You do not have to take it, when your employer fired you for no reason. You have rights and there are procedures that he must take before firing anyone. To make an appointment with an attorney and lawyer can help you in getting your job back, or clear your name of any wrongdoing. Just remember that to sue anyone, there are consequences that you will face.

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