Why should you use Google

Why are everyone using google? What is it about google that everybody loves so much? Google is one of the most used websites in the world. Most of the internet users are using google for better searching. There are so much more to Google than just a search engine for sites or advice.

What services does Google provides

First of all, google is a search engine. That means that you can search for anything in the world on Google. Google are not just in English. It has most of the languages available. Google also has some apps that you can directly go to and not search for it in search engine. Some of that apps are;

  • Images
  • Translate in any languages from any language.
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Play
  • Books
  • Blogger

With this google apps you can search a lot faster and more efficient. You can be sure of the fact that you will get want you needed if you are using Google. I personally love the Translate section. Sometimes we just can’t remember a word in another language, so translate will be faster with Google Translate.  No spelling mistakes, ever again. Google services are free to use also and if you are registered with them, they will keep your personal info secret. They will not give information out to other websites.

Is Google safe to use?

Is Google really safe to use? This is questions a lot of people ask if they are using the internet for the first time. And Yes, google is safe to use from viruses and spams. If you founds a website that are a spam, you can report it to Google and they will follow it up, and takes steps against that site. They are trying to keep the malware as low as they possibly can. This is not always possible, but they are truly trying. Their interface is uncluttered and clean.

Google can be used on Windows, Mac and Android. There are even Google apps on Smartphones to use. You can google at any place for anything. They are upgrading on a regular basis and are staying on top of the changes in technology. They are making sure that Google stays updated and fresh.

There are so many reasons why you should use Google. I never have used other search engine and don’t have any problems with google or of the apps on Google.

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