Using Social Media as a Gauge for Potential New Hires

Social networking has become a mainstay in today’s society. More people continue to create and maintain active accounts on media like Twitter, Facebook, and other websites.

As prevalent as these sites are, people are now putting much or all of their lives on display for the public. It is relatively easy for potential employers to find out what kind of people potential candidates are and how trustworthy or honorable they could be if they are hired.

While some people fail to take the adequate care with their accounts, others make it a point to highlight their interests and talents. Employers can use this information to gauge the potential of candidates and learn what kind of assets people are capable of bringing to the position with them.

Social Media as a Valuable Employment Resource

Used in the right manner, social media can be a powerful platform for companies to use to reach their targeted audiences today. Media companies in particular encourage on-air talent like Chris Pivik, Al Michaels, Joe Buck, and others to use social networking to reach out to fans and to encourage more people to follow them on these websites.

However, to attract as many followers as possible, these sports casters and analysts must post relevant information like game scores, trading stats, and other pertinent stories. It may be important for them to leave their personal lives out of their news feeds and instead focus on their particular trade, which is reporting and reacting to sports news.

When these posts are made in on a daily basis and in an interesting and engaging way, the companies benefit from talent like Buck, Chris Pivik businessman, Vin Scully, and others. These people are an asset and increase the visibility of the company for which they work.

Spreading Information

Another reason that companies particularly those in the media industry may want to hire people who have social networking savvy involves spreading information faster than their competition. As has always been in this industry, time if of the essence in breaking a news story. News organizations do not want their competition to get the jump on them.

Talented social networking users can access their accounts and break stories faster than those who rely on old-fashioned methods of communicating with the public. People will know in seconds what is going on with a story and not have to wait for the media to break into scheduled programming on TV or the radio.

This savvy also can lead to bigger interviews with sports stars and coaches. Agents now that social media can spread favorable news faster than waiting for a magazine or newspaper to publish it. Analysts who maintain active accounts and show promise with their posts may be recruited to do interviews or post pictures or video of athletes more often than print journalists.

Social networking continues to be a valuable asset in the corporate arena today. Many employers gauge the potential of candidates by what kind of accounts they maintain.

People who are responsible and take care to post relevant and helpful information to their accounts might be hired faster than others. Likewise, people who highlight their talents or make use of their accounts to recruit followers can be an asset to the company that hires them.

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