Signs You Need a New Fence

Many people have fences on their property to enclose their yard and increase the level of security that is available. Over time, different types of fences can begin to deteriorate or become an eyesore due to their age. When you’re considering replacing the feature, there are a few signs that it’s time to install a new product.

Too Expensive to Repair

Some people may have an old fence that needs a long list of repairs to increase its quality. It may be worth the cost to install a new product instead of adding new parts and panels. Many people find that it’s cheaper to tear the entire fence down and start over again.

Wood Rot

Fences that are made out of wood and has rotted areas that are present need to be replaced. Rotted fences are often unstable and don’t have much support, which can cause them to become an eyesore in the yard and vulnerable in harsh weather conditions. Wood rot is prone to occur due to high temperatures in the summer season and snow and ice in the winter. The damage often can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. Rot can also lead to the wood splitting around a fastening, which can cause it not to have nothing to hold.

Rust is Visible

Metal or iron fences can have rust that is visible, which will affect the quality and appearance of the product. Rust is not only unattractive, but it can cause the nails and screws to break apart over time, which can make the posts to break free.

Loose connections also mean that the fence will begin to fall apart at any time, especially when the wood starts to swell. Loose connections are not always repairable and will require you to hire fence companies Lakeland FL to install a new product.


Separation can occur in more than one area of the fence with planks that are no longer connected to the rest of the materials. Older wood can often be impossible to repair and can compromise its integrity.

The fence is one of the main focal points in your yard that influences the curb appeal of your property. By knowing when to replace the feature, you can enhance the quality of the home and maintain its charm.


Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Fence

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