Email Marketing Mistakes to Watch For

Most companies think that email marketing is now obsolete since people can just delete email that they don’t want to read or direct it to their spam folder. If this is your case, then maybe there is something wrong with your email marketing program and you might need to check the list we have to know where you made the mistake.

Email readability

Do not send an email about your product that is too long and takes time to get scanned. People always want to scan their emails before attempting to open it so if your email takes time to load, they might just end up deleting it.

Do reviews about your email frequency and which one is effective

Do not send emails every day because it might just piss your potential customers. Do not send an email once a month because they might forget about it. Using your CRM, identify the frequency of sending email that works for you.  Identify which frequency leads to having the most number of unsubscribed customer and which frequency lead to having higher number of sales.

Content and look

Are you writing something that is too long it doesn’t look too engaging to read or something too short I looks like a spam email? Send an email to your client that is written in a more personal tone and with engaging content. Avoid the clichés used by most selling companies like “buy me” or “try me”.

If you have these things checked, then make sure your email is accessible to all platform including through the use of smartphone and tablets. Also, add some stuff at the bottom of your email like options to “send to a friend” or “free report”.

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