Reasons Why You Should Love The Tax Season

To many tax reasons is a nightmare in disguise, if you want someone to run away from you and never come back all you have to do is mention the word tax, people have been trying to evade tax for many reasons but the most common one is because they do not want to dig dipper into their pockets .Many companies are at logger heads with the government and have even been threatened with immature closure if they do not settle their tax areas. As a person who is loyal and abides with the constitution here are a few positive things that the tax season -US base enjoys.

During the tax season all the staffers are required to work late so that they can handle all the work that is at their trays. For this reason it is the role of the government to supply them with free meals as they do not have time to go home or the cafes to get their own meals. It is true that some do not even get time to go for lunch and as a result they enjoy free meals without having to spend a dime.

Benefits of tax season to staffers

During the tax season you meet so many friends that you could not have met if this season was not there. You meet so many people who are asking different tax questions. At this time you could meet people that you never even dreamt of meeting .It is during this period that you met with all these celebs that you only used to see on TVs or movies and make friends with them .If you are single and searching then you also get a chance to meet a spouse as there are so many singles who also come either to settle their tax arrears or have questions about tax.

A tax season US base makes staffers more intelligent and knowledgeable. During this season even junior staffers have the chance of perfecting their skills as they are able to interact with the clients on the first line. There are no traffic jams during tax season as you work late and only drive when it is dark when many people have already gone home.

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