Promoting Business through YouTube

Part of the online marketing schemes that we are seeing right now is posting YouTube videos about the product being promoted or uploading certain ads to the site. However, uploading a video on YouTube is not enough to make it work. There are things that you can also do to make it viral and get more hits from people who browse the site all the time.

Be consistent with your promotion

Do not post a single video and expect a good result afterwards. Post one major video and tell them what to expect in the future. Give them some clue and let them guess on the other part. Leave them asking for more then come back with another video to keep them. Do this consistently until you get to win them and their time.

Offer free trials through your video

Involve other people on your video. Do not just tell them about your newly invented dishwasher but rather showcase what they can do with it. Get some locals who can do it to get that connection with your viewers. Show them how it work because it will give them a sense or authenticity that it is in fact working.

Add something cool to your videos

Do not just upload or make a video that tells them about you and your product. How about give them something for free like free recipe at the end of your video promoting your dishwasher? I used to watch this video from someone about their coffee brands because eat the end of each video, they have a joke that really makes me laugh. It makes it worth watching.

Since you are using a free video sharing website that anyone can have access too, there is no need for you to be so formal. Just add the facts, tell them what you want them to know and throw away some free stuff that will make their day- believe me- they will be waiting for your new video next week!

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