Effective ways of Cutting Intranet Costs in the Office

Before, intranet is only limited to big corporations but now, even small businesses starts using intranet portals to make their job easier and the communication savvier between people employees. If you are planning to use one for your business, then consider these tips to save some for your intranet.

Choose a good provider

There are a lot of intranet vendors out there that offer different packages when it comes to intranet. Before even choosing one, know your needs first. Do the math. How much storage would you need for your “x” number of employees? If you are a company that need to save a lot of multimedia files like videos and data files, then go to a vendor that offers unlimited user plan but if you don’t need much space, go to a vendor that offers the lowest rate per GB used.

Check your tools and match it with the intranet program that is available for you

Most intranet programs comes with tools so if your company will need to do video conferencing a lot, then make sure your intranet offer the said service. There are intranet that also offers CRM or instant messaging so if you will need these tools, then check your intranet before signing up for it. However it is already too late and you already signed up, then check what tools your intranet does have and see fi you can take advantage of it.

Take advantage of the competing intranet vendor packages

Since there are too many intranet vendors today aiming to get businesses sign with them, they are nor offering a lot of tools that comes with their intranet and a lot of free plans. Check them out, compare and choose the one that gives you more advantage.
The use of intranet is now becoming a necessity even for small companies because it makes communication between contractors, clients and employees easier through SharePoint or say Yammer. So take your business one step higher and have a cheap intranet program for your employees to use.

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