Being a Student without Expensive Text Books

Attending College is a very expensive choice to make. One year of tuition can cost more than you would pay for a brand new car, but you have to think that it is an investment in your future. You or your family are paying out the money now so you can get a good job and start reaping the benefits.

There are ways to cut costs on the price of college. You can save money by paying less for textbooks. You don’t have to pay the full price for every single textbook. Some subjects, like medicine, have the most expensive textbooks on the market today, and its a requirement of the course, that you have them. They are so expensive that regular white collar students may not have the money to buy them.

So, What Are Your Options?

Make note, that just because you may not be able to afford the books, doesn’t mean you have to give up, realize that college isn’t for you and join the difficult search for a job. You have options and they are viable for the student on a budget.

Used Books

Buy your books second hand, you can probably get old university books on eBay or maybe there is a student in the year above who wants to sell their books. You can buy used books on websites like Amazon and other popular sites.

Some of these sites will also let you rent the books for a fraction of the price. You will have to give them back after a few weeks and you won’t be able to annotate the margins, but it will save you some money that you can spend on things like food and rent.


eBooks are renowned for being cheaper than having a hard copy of the books. This is no different for school textbooks. This option is less expensive than buying new but more expensive than 2nd hand. This may not be an option for you because to make use of digital downloads, you have to have a tablet type computer or smart cellular phone. If money is tight, then you may not have the money to buy en expensive piece of technology. This option will save you money on shipping costs though.

Make Friends

Make friends with the person who is sitting next to you and see if they want to split the cost of a new book and share during class, or you buy one book and they buy another, then swap. Make sure the person next to you is someone you can trust and that they won’t run off with your book.

Attending college is a very prestigious but expensive experience. You may be worried about the price of text books when you get there, but there are some very good and viable options for you. There are other options, in addition to the ones above, so do your research and don’t give up.

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