Home Maintenance Tips

When it comes to household maintenance, it’s important to keep a close eye on your garage door. As long as the door is opening smoothly and closing on command, you may believe that it’s working properly. However, faulty settings on your garage door opener can leave your family and personal property at risk. Here’s what you should know about this important appliance and how you can ensure that it’s still in top working condition.

It’s About the Sensors

When garage door openers first came out, they simply opened and closed the door without any way to determine if there was an object in the path. This proved dangerous for people, cars and toys that might be in the way when the door closed. Modern doors are safer because they have both laser and pressure sensors to prevent accidents. The lasers scan along the floor to be sure that nothing is in the way, and sensors inside the opener will reverse the door’s action if it encounters too much pressure. You can test these sensors occasionally by having a professional check the levels for you. With garage door repair Kennesaw GA, you can easily keep your door working properly for your own peace of mind.

Visual Inspection

You can save a little money by doing your own visual inspections and tightening the hardware. The average garage door will be raised and lowered more than a thousand times a year, so it’s normal for bolts to come loose. Taking the time to inspect and tighten the hardware today can help you save problems tomorrow.

Smooth Movement

White lithium grease is readily available, and it only takes about 10 minutes to lubricate the moving parts and minimize the strain on them. Do this once a year to prolong the life of your door. The fixture should also be balanced. You can test this by pulling the release handle on the opener and then raising the door about halfway up. It should remain in this partially open position. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to have the springs worked on. This is a chore that’s best left to the professionals like Superior Garage Doors.

Keep your garage door working smoothly by giving it just a little care and attention. While some tasks are best left to a professional technician, there are others that you can easily do at home to save some money.

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