Make Charitable Donation Online

Donation and Charity has been made easier as you can do it from your office or from home. As a matter of fact it is emerging as the most beneficial web functions. The good thing is that you can satisfy your quest of giving by just logging into the internet and filling a firm. Right now there are many websites which allows you to shop for donations. All you have to do is to sign for membership and then indicate clearly where you want your donation to go.

Before you donate you should do some research on the site that you have chosen to donate through. Some of the sites will send the full amount to charity while others will keep the largest amount and only donate a small amount. The sites also vary in the number of charities that they have, some will only have few charities but some sites will have a large number. The sites are not regulated by any board and for this reason you should be careful on the site that you can chosen.

Always make sure that the information that you have provided to the donation site is secure .This means that you should not disclose your credit card passwords and such kind of delicate information as you might be conned.

You should also take a closer look at what information the site has provided about its own practices. a genuine site will provided enough information about how it conducts itself but some will keep so much information to themselves .You should check out on how the site sends the donation, what percentage they keep and how much they send, whether the site is a profit making organization or not and whether the contributions are tax deductible or not. Most responsible sites will also have the ‘frequently asked questions’ link. If the site does not provide this kind of information then you should consider it a red flag and run. Also make sure that there is contact information in the site, this will allow you to contact them anytime and raise your queries. You should be careful when you are dealing with most of these donation sites as many of them are not genuine and are there to rob people instead of being there for a good course.

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