How To Save Money On Healthcare

Currently the world is going through harsh economic times and you must be aware of the bills your families incur in healthcare as this will help you in managing Health and Money. You can keep your family spending in healthcare by bargaining for prescriptions and also negotiating the consultation fee with your doctor.

Here is how you can keep money and health in check.

  1. Look for the best plan: Family health needs keep changing and therefore when making a health plan you should not only use the ones you have used before or the one that offers the lowest premiums. The best way you can get a good health plan is by noting down how many times your family visits a doctor in a year, dental cleanings, and routine prescriptions and for any other services. Do not also forget to include the premiums.
  2. Consider a high deductible plan: A HD plan can help you save a lot of money through low premiums. A HD also qualifies you to open a health account where you can keep money for paying the cash payments that you make from your pockets and paying for insurance premiums. Saving money in a health savings account (HAS) allows you to save money tax free. If a member of the family has a chronic illness such as HIV then a HAS is not suitable for you as you will need the money more often and that will be no longer saving.
  3. Become a member of a discount club: When joining the club you will be required to pay the membership fee and also pay cash for the service. These clubs are more appropriate for people who do not have dental insurance. The club can give you a discount of up to 60% when you are in need. You should check the club coverage in your areas as some areas do not have many members.
  4. Have a safety net: If you and your wife keep changing your jobs then you should ask your past employer to extend the insurance policy before the health insurance kick starts. If your employer does not support this then you must get a short term cover so that you do not risk living without a cover at any time. These plans are not so expensive and can be activated fast within a day or two. You can also check online for more information. Having a safety net is always beneficial as you do not know when your health starts deteriorating.

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