Distinction Between Career and Employment Development

Careers and Employment development look have many similarities but also they have some differences. Career development refers to the efforts put in place by the employee in making sure that they improve their pre existing skills so as to earn more income. On the other hand employment development refers to the efforts put by the company in developing and training an employee for the internal benefits of the company.

Basics of employment development

Companies have realized that by investing in the development and growth of their employees they are helping improve the competence of the organization. Once an employee has been well trained and has acquired the right skills they become better equipped and can be able to handle high level work and any leadership roles as delegated to them. Some of the employment development activities that organizations have put in place include departmental workshops and manager training programs. This will work better if the company comes up with a way of rewarding employees who have excelled in all the roles delegated to them.  company should always plan for seminars and programs that will help their employees grow and improve their skills.

Basics of career development

These are the programs that place a major role on employees to improve what they are and position them in a better position where they will be able to attain their personal goals. Currently many employees feel more committed and engaged to employers who offer opportunities for them to advance their careers. This shows that many employees will opt to get employment in an organization that will give them time to grow their careers as in these companies they are assured of retention even after developing their careers. This is an indication that those companies that allow and give employees time to improve their skills benefit more in comparison with the ones that do not allow.

As an employee you should be given the chance of improving your goals so that you can attain the kind of professionalism that you want. You should always engage yourself in improving who you are rather than getting satisfied with what you are doing currently. By doing this you will have an upper hand in gaining promotions and you can change your career any time that you feel like. Companies should also encourage their employees to develop their careers as this will be beneficial to the company in terms of human resource.

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