The Single Biggest Tip for Selling Your Home Fast

Most people who are thinking about selling their home have probably thought about the process of staging that home to sell. Staging is one of the most effective means you have to sell a home quickly, according to Kuba Jewgieniew. Here are some stellar tips for staging that are sure to make your home look gorgeous.

Clear Clutter

The first step that Realty ONE Group take as they start to look at how to sell a home is to evaluate how it could look lived in. Clearing clutter is a good way to do that. You do want things like books or in some cases DVDs on display, but they should be presented in an orderly fashion.

Box up everything that doesn’t have an immediate use and store it in your garage, or in a storage unit. All that extra clutter just looks unattractive, and you want to try and remove any potential negatives that would make it harder to close the deal.

Consider Renting Furniture

Let’s face it, larger homes inevitably have that room off in the corner of the house that doesn’t have much furniture. Consider renting a desk and turning it into a temporary office space. The main concept to keep in mind is return on investment. You don’t want to completely swap out the furniture in your home, but filling a room might be worth the costs if you sell the home at a higher price point.

Odd-Jobs Before You Show

Painting is a big job to finish before you sell, most likely because the buyer will ask you to do this anyway. Use that time to replace carpets too. Aside from pruning the trees and bushes outside, make sure all of your light bulbs inside work.

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