Why You Need a Broker When Buying a Car Dealership

Shopping around for a car dealership? You may want to consider working with a broker. Aside from having years of industry experience and being tuned in to current market trends, brokers offer a host of other benefits.

1. Your broker will notify you when car dealerships first go on the market for sale. You don’t have to spend time monitoring various dealerships; your broker will do that for you.

2. Brokers have regional and national networks of car dealerships, lawyers, accountants, manufacturers, and other industry professionals. They are familiar with the different markets throughout the U.S.

3. Your broker will take a tailored approach when working with dealerships for sale. They’ll look for specific criteria or they’ll work with specific dealerships. No matter what type of dealership you want to buy, your broker will conduct a strategic and targeted search.

4. Brokers are in the automative industry day in and day out. They’re regularly updated on market trends and they’re constantly learning about what’s happening in their industry. As the market changes, they adapt their services and techniques to continue meeting demands. Your broker will offer you the type of knowledge that would take decades to gain.

5. Your broker will explore the various acquisition options and they’ll help you develop an acquisition strategy. This is an extremely difficult part of the process and one that you shouldn’t handle yourself if you don’t have experience.

6. When you find a dealership that you’re interested in purchasing, the broker will draft an “Offer to Purchase.” Then, they’ll work with your attorney, advisors, and accountant during the initial steps of the process.

7. You’ll be supported by your broker through the end of the transaction. During that time, your broker will make sure your confidentiality is protected, even after the closing.

Consider PerformanceBrokerageServices.com when buying a car dealership. The company has been involved with over 400 successful transactions. They’ll offer support and guidance from the first stages of looking for a dealership through the final stages of closing the deal.

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