Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Wondering how you can take your business to the next level in 2015? Considering adding these trending marketing strategies to your plan. If you’re just now creating your first-ever online marketing strategy, start with one or two of these suggestions and then build from there.

1. Content is even more important than before.

Long and in-depth content is getting trendier, thanks to Google improving how it searches. Brands will provide their customers with all of the information possible, resulting in more and more high quality content. If necessary, hire a professional writer to create compelling content, and make sure they’re familiar with SEO.

2. Marketing channels will be more connected.

Social media, content creation, and search optimization will inter-relate more than before. Optimization will no longer focus on individual strategies, but instead on the customer experience across all channels. Multi-channel marketing is becoming the biggest thing in customer relationship management.

3. Mobile marketing will corner the market.

A lot of websites and blogs are auto-optimized for mobile viewing, but brands will have to start paying attention to those mobile metrics. From developing apps to better reach your customers to using new website platforms so that your site is responsive, it’s no longer an option to overlook mobile marketing.

4. Marketing campaigns will be more targeted and heavily driven by data.

Targeted messages will be send to customers based on who they are, where they are, and what their actions are. Mobile marketing is a great way to reach customers with unique, customized messages, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. By closely tracking customers and their habits, you can offer them products and services that they’re most likely to purchase.

5. Brands will adopt digital marketing.

In the past, brands may have gotten away with not yet jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon, but now social media and mobile marketing are unavoidable. That doesn’t mean traditional marketing is out the window entirely, though, just that both should be used. You can still market with hard copy materials, too. View the range of laser printers to find the best quality printing available.

6. Google Plus will no longer exist.

Odds are that Google Plus, which never quite took off, will become a thing of the past. For brands, that means it’s not a good investment of time. For bloggers, though, it may still be useful to post links to web content, since it could continue to help with page ranking.

Here today, gone tomorrow is a common theme when it comes to digital marketing. To truly stay ahead of the curve, regularly read up on the latest in digital marketing, including changes to social media policies and best practices.

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