8 Tips for Etsy Sellers

If you’re an artisan, you probably have an Etsy account. How can you encourage people to buy, though? Follow these eight tips for first-time Etsy sellers.

1. Use the advertising available. For as little as $1 per day, you can promote your products. Choose any products you’d like to promote and change them whenever you’d like.

2. Create Treasury Lists. You aren’t supposed to add your own items to Treasury Lists, but this is a great way to connect with other sellers who may become buyers. Additionally, having regularly-updated Treasury Lists will increase your exposure. Try to find products that complement what you’re selling. For example, if you sell children’s room decor, create a Treasury List for children’s clothing. This won’t compete with your shop, but it will attract the same audience.

3. Create a brand story. When new buyers check out your shop, they’ll want to know who they’re buying from. Make sure to fill out your personal profile just as thoroughly as you fill out your shop information.

4. Regularly update your shop announcement. If there’s something new going on at your shop, like a seasonal promotion, make sure your shop announcement reflects this. Just be sure to change it back when the season is over. Otherwise, it will look like you’re not paying attention to your shop.

5. Pay extra attention to your product headlines. This is a major SEO-friendly section of your shop. Your product headlines are used in search results and they also tell your customers exactly what you’re selling. Make sure they’re catchy, that they flow well, and that they utilize SEO keywords and phrases.

6. Promote your Etsy shop on other social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram. Pin photos from your Etsy shop to your Pinterest boards and link back to individual products. Include a link to your shop in your Instagram profile and tell users to click the link in your bio to shop for your products.

7. Get involved in the handmade community. There are a lot of social media accounts and bloggers who love talking about Etsy products and the handmade world in general. By getting involved with them, you can spread around your Etsy shop link and products to catch the attention of new customers.

8. Fill in the sections for tags. This is used when people search for products, both specifically and generally. Make the most of this section by adding specific descriptors.

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