Finding Time to Work on Your Degree

An advanced degree can help your career tremendously. While a bachelor’s degree can help you land a good job, a professional post-gradate degree can make all the difference in climbing the ranks at your company and making more money each year. However, if your work keeps you busy throughout the week, you may think you have no time to enroll in a local college and take courses in a classroom in the evenings. You can avoid going the traditional post-graduate route when you enroll in an online professional degree program at a school like Pepperdine.

Many brick and mortar schools are now offering online degrees for students who otherwise have few hours throughout the week to devote to study. While on-campus students may be relegated to going to lectures at night or on Saturday mornings, you can enjoy logging onto your virtual program throughout the week at your leisure. Your professors may not schedule regular lectures, but rather record or videotape them for students to listen to or watch later. If you work from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, you can come home, eat dinner, spend time with your loved ones, and then log on to listen or watch an hour or two before you go to bed.

Likewise, if you lack the time to take a test during the work week, you can schedule your exam to take place sometime during the weekend. Many online schools require students like you to take exams under the supervision of a proxy. You can ask a librarian or someone at your workplace or church to act as your proxy and schedule the test time for the weekend when time is more flexible for both of you. This freedom to take tests at your earliest opportunity lets you focus on work when you must and then on your studies afterward.

Working toward an advanced degree can be more enjoyable as well when you know that your degree will actually garner you some respect and appreciation your employer. An unaccredited degree typically is regarded with suspicion or a lack of respect. However, when you earn an accredited degree, you can take pride in showing off your diploma and bringing it with you to interviews. Your employer will recognize your degree and your university as being worthy of respect. People will know the work you put into your studies is trustworthy.

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