If There’s a Will, There’s a Way

When my cousin Mariel browsed the website our common friend Minnie had suggested for sexy mini dresses, she also liked the cheap sexy panties offered on the website. She ordered 4 panties each for her two sisters and me. That’s what we thought.

When the orders were delivered, Mariel was not at home. Her two sisters decided that since they were for us, we could open the package. We found 7 small-sized panties. We wondered to whom those were for? When I tried to fit it, I couldn’t even pull it up past my thighs. The four of us were medium-sized. Mariel gave it to their Mom when she came home. She ordered 7 pieces for her so she can wear them daily and since she’s the only small-sized one. That’s what she thought. Auntie gave it to my little cousin Daisy two days later.

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