A Long Day of Mishaps

Some days are just completely jinxed; that’s what I learned earlier today. It started off fine; I woke up and made breakfast, took a shower and set off to work. But once I stepped outside my apartment, it seemed like all the planets in the universe aligned to make this day as awful as it can be!

I got out of the building and stepped into a puddle of something that looked a lot like vomit—I don’t even want to know! When I arrived at the office, I realized that I forgot the Tacori designer jewelry Tacori designer jewelry I bought as a gift to my client, so I had to go back home to pick it up. On my way back, some idiot bumped into me and spilled her coffee all over my coat! I could go on about how disastrous my day has been but I’ll just forget all about it and pray for a better day tomorrow.

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