White Collar Crimes: Alabama’s Largest Crimes of 2012

White Collar CrimesThere are thirty different classifications of white collar crimes that the state of Alabama uses to determine the source and how to prosecute the convicted. In the last year, over 700 or more people where convicted of having associations with white collar crimes. A larger number which does not abode well as it harms citizens who do business on a wide scale with smaller businesses and individuals.

Some of the largest types of white collar crimes committed regular where identity theft, fraud –tax, and fraud-federal program. Since this is one of the most serious offenses there are exactly two courts who handle the cases: U.S Magistrate and Districts Courts.

How to Determine A White Collar Crime

A white collar crime is one of the trickiest crimes known in the United States. This type of crime consists of corporate offices that sneak past the law to dirty dealings. This can results from throwing out horrible toxic waste in an unrestricted area, extorting large amounts of money for personal gain, toying with the stock markets rates, or creating false information money through large programs meant to be of assistance for others. This type corruption can be hard to detect as it is a complex process with companies consorting with plenty of illegal means to earn profits.

A Complex Process Dealing with White Collar Crimes

Corrupt executives are usually charged with:

  • Destroying evidence that shows ill use of funding or dealings with employees
  • Going over laws that require a certain amount of taxes to be paid
  • Meddling with medical programs by promoting false information and plans to citizens
  • Taking Advantage people by using workers or smaller businesses as scapegoats to avoid prosecution
  • Hiding essential documents that are needed for records

Most people do not look further into white collar crimes seeing it does pertain to them. Actually white collar crimes are not just done within the larger cities, but rather with larger corporations that have multiple companies in various places. White collar criminals do face a variety of jail time which can last a life-time.

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