Using the Internet to Find a New Career

job searchOver the past few years the Internet has revolutionized how we do just about everything. We can now order everything from bread and milk to televisions and laptops over the web and many retailers have made the drastic decision to close their high street stores and resort to the online-only approach to business in an attempt to reach customers at a time and place that is most suitable for them. After all, unlike the manned stores, online business never sleeps.

It has also helped us to find new careers in all kinds of ways. Before the Internet became so influential, all job searches were done manually by walking into a company and asking about vacancies, handing over your CV and hoping impress them enough with the information you have in the document to get a phone call inviting you for an interview. Today, however, there are all kinds of things you can do to impress prospective employers, and it all stems from using sites like Jobs Today to find job vacancies.

Online job search sites mean that people can now go onto the website whenever they have the time and an Internet connection, searching for jobs that meet their own criteria in terms of location, sector and salary expectations; and also allows them to apply through the site by uploading their CV and covering letter, making it easier than ever before to find work.

Another great way to find a new career through the net is to use social media. There are a number of approaches you can use through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, one of which being to follow and like certain pages and accounts and to keep an eye out for any Tweets or posts relating to new positions that have become available and you can just follow the links to the relevant pages to apply or find more information.

In addition to this, users can post examples of their work on social networking sites and employers can see for themselves. Companies in all kinds of sectors use social media to find new employees, even ‘head hunting’ as a result of what they’ve seen shared online. Many highly talented professionals have posted blog posts, photographs and articles that other people have created but the individual has shared, showing that they’re keeping their eye on everything that happens in the industry and that they know their stuff.

Producing your own blog is another great way of showcasing your talents. You don’t have to be a trained, qualified journalist to write articles – you just need to have an idea and to let the words flow as if you were having a conversation or giving a talk. A blog is your chance to give your opinion on a certain subject or product and to show off your creative talents. They give you the platform you need to showcase your personality, your interests and what makes you YOU, and all kinds of people have claimed that employers mentioned their blog and a specific post in an interview.

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35


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