The Black Header’s Inclination

A cousin so hooked to rap music seems for many of us normal people in the house to have heads wrapped up in the clouds. His habit of tilting his head down and banging it to the silent music only he hears was what make us think so. One grumpy old maid aunt calls this moment of his as the “Black Header’s” fancy, hobby and other descriptive words that comes to her mind at the moment she noted my cousin’s odd obsession.

But we understood he’s just expressing his rhythm to a music he’s composing when he was able to realize his much dreamed of evans resonant black head drums. With his drums he was able to fit the rhythm he was seeking for elusively the past months he was shaking and banging his head silently. Sometimes the head banging was accompanied with snaps and grunts, but during those times we were never intrigue by his act for we know he is developing some kind of music although incomprehensible to the whole lot of us.

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