Save Yourself Money This Winter

As temperatures drop energy bills rise. To escape the blissfully cold weather conditions the majority of homes as well as offices will be raising the thermostat up a few notches. Believe it or not there are many ways to save this winter, allowing you extra cash for the many outgoings that you may have. To keep your hard earned cash in the bank for longer, follow the steps to make this a reality.

Cut out draughts

Sometimes you may feel like the room just isn’t heating up, no matter how high you turn up the thermostat the temperature still manages to decrease. This is a common problem in many homes and you may not realise that heat is escaping through unwanted gaps in certain areas of the room. Given the age of your windows, they may require draught proofing strips around the framework to stop heat escaping; this is a common problem and often gets missed out. Doors also have the same problem and require the same procedure around the edges as well as draught excluders along the bottom of the door. Other areas that are less obvious consist of loft hatches, floorboards and skirting. Loft hatches require the same procedure as windows, whereas floorboards and skirting require flexible silicone to fill in the gaps.

Comparing providers

Although it seems to make sense to stay with the energy provider that you have been with for years this isn’t always the case. Most of us would think that being a loyal customer with a provider for many years is the best way to receive lower costs on your bills. This isn’t in fact always true; a better deal could be just a few clicks away. Energy Helpline provides a quick and easy service that allows you to compare energy providers in a matter of minutes. Finding the best tariff isn’t always easy so using Energy Helpline lets you review what exactly you are getting for your money. It’s worthwhile to check whether you are getting the best deal with your current gas and electricity providers and if not making that change to stop you going out of pocket.

Making conversions

The little things can sometimes make all the difference. By making the switch from regular light bulbs to energy saving you could save yourself up to £60 a year. Energy saving light bulbs are proven to last over ten times as long as the regular ones. If you have already let on to this money saving option make sure you are turning off the light every time you leave a room for added on savings.


Heat is commonly lost through the roof; a simple solution for this is to insulate your loft and cavity walls. Before you insulate your roof make sure to have Tony’s Roofing Services LLC inspect your roof for any signs or damage or leaking.​ There are a number of ways available to get free insulation deals which will help you pay for it. Doing this could save you hundreds a year so it is definitely worth looking into to see if you could benefit from this in your home.

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