A Pied Piper’s Reed Flute

The story of the pied piper is so famous majority of kindergarten kids who are fond of bedtime stories know the story by heart along with Pinocchio’s, Peter Pan and the Princesses stories. What intrigue most of the kids about the story is the pied piper’s instrument. The culprit of the lure in the story.

Reenactment of the story in a cousin’s school play for English Week lead to confusion when everybody wanted to be the pied piper. Most of the boys and a number of girls wanted to be the one playing the new rigotti reeds purchased by the school just for the play. A cousin who just turned 5 but very eloquent with his words, vehemently insisted he play the piper. He was after the reed but his dad told him to accomplish much fame for just one season of the pied piper play, and he could have one of his own.

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