Simple Steps for Reducing Print Costs

Most businesses are keen to save costs without losing efficiency, and saving money on simple aspects of day to day office life such as paper costs can actually make all the difference.  Apart from the environmental impact of excessive printing and paper use, watching the pennies tends to mean you’ll save money in the long run.  Effective print management is key to reducing both the obvious and less obvious costs of document printing and management.  There are a number of simple steps you can take to effectively reduce paper use and printing within any office; here are just a few.

No, Really, Did You Have to Print That?

It’s been around for years, that message urging us to think before we print emails, and it’s good advice, whether you listen or not!  Whether it’s an email or report, consider the need to print it carefully; do you need to print the whole document?  If not, select the pages you need and print only these.  The print preview button is great for checking formatting errors before you print; if a copy is vital, check it thoroughly using this button before printing to save wasted time, money and paper.  Where paper copies are required for a meeting, consider document sharing between teams and groups – one copy per employee should never be your standard MO if it can be avoided.

Doubling Up

Duplex printing, or double-sided printing halves your paper costs immediately, for very obvious reasons.  Ensure that computers are default set to this mode to save time, energy and money!  Any single-sided printed documents should be re-used in fax machines or for printing draft copies of other documents, where security and privacy allows.  You should never recycle until every last blank part of the paper has been covered with printing or has been used as scrap paper.

Electronic News

Opt for electronic newsletters and memos, if you haven’t already.  Reviewing regularly what is, and isn’t, printed will make a huge difference in terms of printing costs.  Where printing is strictly necessary, consider the font size and the margin size in particular.  Reducing the latter can create much more room for the written word and reduce the number of sheets required – this is especially useful in longer documents and reports.

Good Housekeeping

Essential in many areas of life, simple tasks like regularly updating your mailing lists can make a big difference to your print costs.  Ensure your lists are up to date and that you’re not mailing out unwanted information.  In the print room look after your assets; printers need plenty of TLC and well cared for printers will work harder.  Low toner levels often mean poor quality documents which are then reprinted later or on other printers, doubling your costs!

Consider hiring print management services, either in house or out.  This is possibly one of the easiest ways in which to assess and control your print costs; print management firms not only offer great savings on consumables but also offer access to the best in technology thanks to bulk purchasing costs.  Having professional, specialist print management firms handle your print room and documents can make all the difference to your companies print budget, so you’ll be making considerable savings without loss of efficiency.

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