Making Your Business Go Paperless

The amount of paper being consumed across the globe is having a devastating effect on the world. Mass deforestation is cutting the amount of oxygen being put back into the atmosphere and destroying animal’s habitats to such an extent that many creatures are going extinct. One of the biggest culprits of unnecessary paper usage is business across the UK with printing out surplus documents, sending endless junk mail and not recycling. However, here are just a few simple ways that a business can go paperless in the modern age:

Using connected devices

It may seem inconceivable to cut paper totally out of a business, but everything is replaceable in the digital age. Take mailmen who no long use paper forms, but electronic signage devices to ensure they get the right package to the right person. You can move this on with the likes of tablets able to create simple forms that customers can sign on the move and do exactly the same job as paper forms. Moreover, use connected devices to access media services and news instead of buying newspapers and magazines as all the information you need to do your job effectively is waiting online anyway.

Cloud services

The majority of businesses still use paper back up to keep important files safe around their office. With so much information stored the business can risk leaving sensitive details at risk as well as obviously using mountains of paper. In comparison you can use cloud services to back up files in the cloud away from your office. Not only does this save on paper usage and boost security, but it also offers you a connected service wherever you are, so information you need is available anywhere you may be.

Leveraging email for marketing and correspondence

Junk mail is the scourge of many homeowners, but they also clog up the entrances to businesses on a daily basis. Instead you can use effective marketing campaigns that are more targeted and more personal to clients that go straight into their inbox. Better still, when you want to send festive greetings then Christmas ecards at eco2greetings should be at the top of your list. These ecards not only cut down on paper use, but can be made interactive to keep in touch with clients and at the same time market your business and be used to increase interaction.

It is not that difficult to turn your business slowly into a paperless organisation simply by using the digital world at your fingertips.

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