How to Retain the Best Staff

trainingHiring the right staff is only one challenge in recruitment, the biggest challenge is how to encourage employees to stay once they’re on board. Despite the struggling economy increasing competition for vacancies, the best staff will always be in demand by other employers so it’s worth actively aiming to keep hold of valued staff.

Team development is often overlooked, with focus placed on individual achievements instead. However, how well somebody gets on with their co-workers has a huge bearing on how long they’ll stay in a position. Group incentives encourage lasting ties, strengthening company cohesion to the mission statement.

This form of talent management boosts morale, a core part of success. Unravelling the complexities of what each division of staff needs to progress is paramount. Staff both young and old will benefit from training, however the type on offer might differ. Younger staff and apprentices might prefer adding new skillsets to their arsenal; older colleagues would perhaps be better off upgrading the skills they already have.

Many apprentices come into a new job without the full range of GCSEs needed, offering funding for their basic qualifications is a brilliant way to increase company loyalty. English and maths are desirable for everybody, so if nothing else offer these GCSEs for staff who are lacking them from their CVs – staff of all ages. This will help increase confidence amongst employees, although to really make a difference offer training in IT.

Computers are part and parcel of every business these days, so offering refresher courses to cover the basics, and advanced options to tackle new technology as it comes along. Undoubtedly, IT security can cause a business’s downfall if not practised correctly, so raise awareness throughout a business of the risks associated with technology (losing a USB memory stick for example is easily done but could be a disaster).

Salary sacrifice schemes are another strong method of encouraging staff to stick around. Help with car costs or childcare, for example, make a real and very practical difference to somebody’s life, which would mean an alternative job offer would need to work harder to compete for such good benefits. Likewise, don’t underestimate the power of a generous pension plan. With the state pension dwindling ever further, knowing that a private pension in being steadily topped up is essential. Because that’s the aim with good staff really, recruit young and keep until retirement.

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