Tips to Save Energy and Money in the Winter

Tired of spending too much on utility bills and other services every winter? Do you automatically see a dollar sign every time you crank up the heat when the weather gets too cold to bear? The consistent increase in the cost of living nowadays is just too painful for everybody—even families who are well off are now taking extra measures to save up on their energy consumption to avoid too many expenses. The good thing is, it’s really not that hard to cut your bills—read on to find out some surprisingly easy ways to save energy and money in the winter.

Air seal and insulate your home

The first thing you can do to save energy is to air seal your home. This helps reduce the amount of air leakage in and out of your home by air-proofing the openings and cracks in the house. As a result, the conditioned air stays inside your house and the unbearable cold air stays outside. Pair this process with home insulation to make it more effective—without insulation, you’ll need more expensive heating devices to keep you warm throughout the tough weather. It is advisable to insulate the attic first; if you’re worried about the cost of insulators and the installation, don’t worry because it will be worth every cent you shell out.

Replace your windows before winter

Instead of using DIY storm windows that are store-bought, think bigger. Replacing your windows before winter will certainly cost higher but it’s a long term solution rather than a temporary source of comfort. Get a replacement window for the ones that aren’t in good condition anymore before the cold air blows. Check and replace all your damaged window panes to promote the safety of your family and avoid more damage should a strong storm hit during winter.

Watch your heater

If you still find yourself in need of air heater, there are still ways to reduce your bill. Lower the thermostat at night by 10 degrees to cut down your heating bill by at least 10 to 20 percent. You may have to wear thicker clothing indoors but what’s a little sacrifice in exchange of reduced energy consumption, right? If your home has an air furnace, check the filters before using them and then do a monthly check all throughout the season.

The best thing about being aware of your energy consumption and having the willingness to save electricity is that it does not benefit only you—it also benefits Mother Earth. So what are you waiting for? Start winter-proofing your house now!

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