The Tale of the Long Trailer Tail

A cousin’s son had a funny fixation since he was a little baby. He would stand transfixed in his crib whenever he see huge construction equipment trucks on TV shows or in magazines. He would clap his hands after every picture of those huge equipment trucks were gone from the screenmore for trailer trucks with long tails. We just took it for granted as another baby’s idiosyncrasy until an ad for a trailer manufacturer online was shown.

Huge tears would run down his chubby cheeks while he bawled and point to the TV screen. This went on for almost a week before the worried Mom alarmed by the baby’s behavior took the baby to the family’s pediatrician. We were only able to know why the baby behaved that way after they came home. It turned out the baby cried because he wanted to have the mini trailer truck that was the focal point of the whole ad shebang. There was a trailer truck toy in the clinic and he was able to take it home with his doctor’s blessings. By then he ceased to pay attention to those pictures in TV he transferred his attention to the toy truck.

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