Pet Food: Essential Cost-Cutting Tips

In these tough economic times, it’s not only the human mouths in your family that become increasingly expensive to feed; it’s the four-legged ones too. With the rise in food prices, people are getting savvy about their household grocery purchases. But not everyone applies the same frugal approach to shopping for their canine or feline companions, which clearly doesn’t add up. Try the list of wallet-soothing tips below and see if they ease the squeeze on your monthly family and pet food budget.

Be social

Follow your favourite pet supply brands, such as Iams dog food, on Facebook and Twitter and look out for promotional money-off coupons. Signing up to a brand’s newsletter will also give you an insight into when sales and special deals are happening, which is a good time to stock up.

Buy in bulk

When you spot a great deal on your pet food, buy as much as you have space and money for (without leaving the family food budget short). That way, over time, you’ll get a whole lot more Butcher’s for your buck.

Be as loyal as your four-legged friend

Brand loyalty often counts for a lot when it comes to taking stock of your household budget at the end of the month. Get in touch with a preferred brand to see if they can send you a batch of money-off vouchers in exchange for your continued custom.

Sign up for a subscription delivery

If you sign up to receive regular deliveries of your pet’s favorite you’ll often find there’s a significant discount to be had. Shop around to see which online retailer is offering the best deal. Just make sure you take note of any additional shipping costs, which might tip the balance.

High-price doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality

Take a look at the nutritional information on the back of the pack, just as you’d do with the rest of the family’s food, to understand how much good (or bad) a particular food will do your pet. When it comes to most pets in regular health, you don’t need to break the bank with fancy brands. Just remember: the best foods you can give your cat or dog always feature a high percentage of meat first on the ingredients list.

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