Living In A Small House: Does Size Matter?

real estate housing bubbleEver watched celebrity magazine shows that feature extravagant cribs of famous television, sports and movie personalities? Have you been wowed? Have you ever wondered if someday you can live in a 30-bedroom mansion with infinity pools and own spa? Are you one of those who are striving to purchase a ginormous house in an exclusive estate? These are hanging questions until millions land in your bank accounts. That leaves us with another issue: does size really matter when speaking of houses? Here are some points to ponder when thinking of moving into a bigger house.

Can You Afford a Big House?

For practicality-sake, you may want to consider not only the amount of the house and lot. There are other expenses that will follow. One of such is real estate tax. The smaller the house and lot it occupies, the less the tax is. The otherwise is true for bigger abodes. Utilities also are more affordable when maintaining smaller households. You will need more lighting, air conditioning system will have to work to cool bigger area. Cleaning and maintaining tiny spaces are easier.

Size of the Family

When you are done assessing your means to purchase or rent a big home, the next question is: with the size of your family, do you really need a hundreds of square-meters home? If your family members do not exceed six, it is not advisable for you to live in a really huge place. The larger the space is, the less opportunities you will have to interact with each other. Those with small kids who would like to play around and need large space to run around, then having a big home is okay.

Quality of the Family

If you are the type of a family whose members are frequently travelling, a small house is ideal. The large one will just look empty, as inhabitants are always outside. At the end of the day, the size of the house only matters when it comes to demands of family in several aspects. But, an ideal home is where happiness and peace dwell all the time.

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