Creating a Café Culture

In a time when more and more businesses are primarily trading online, nothing can beat the bricks and mortar of a local tea shop or café. A well stocked counter heaving with delicious cakes and pastries will always be popular, and keeping the footfall and revenue high is what matters.

When opening a business supplying food and drink location is a key concern. Passing trade is usually a main revenue stream so a prominent position with ample seating room and space for a large service counter will help invite customers in. Creating a venue that’s both family friendly and suited for business visitors means custom all day long: from OAPs grabbing a morning cuppa, to snappy business lunches, to afternoon cake and coffee meet-ups by busy mums and moany tots.

Decor can make a major difference, vintage style tea rooms have had a major resurgence since the 2008 recession; the comfort of an old fashioned familiar setting offering a more cost effective treat than a restaurant. However, following a similar vein, the concept of found items to dress a venue can create a modern, rustic chic – blackboards, stained crates and bunches of hydrangeas can bring the country to the city.

Of course, although passing trade is a great source of income, supplying outside catering is a brilliant way to boost revenue, creating a regular income source. Ensuring the correct food packaging is used means customers know they can rely on top quality food that transports well. Sandwich packaging needs to be sturdy for office runs, and disposable coffee cups should be well insulated to both keep the drinks warm and also to prevent scalded fingers.

When starting any new business the most important thing to remember is to get the company known. Social media means advertising can be both successful and cost effective, engaging customers both new and loyal. Offering special offers and promotions via social media channels will create organic growth, and also means advertising can be targeted to key audiences. It’s the perfect way to combine an online presence with the physical business, driving customers through the doors.

And finally, when considering starting a new business the most important thing to consider is the name: choose the wrong one and it’ll turn customers away, pick the right one and customers won’t easily forget it. Puns such as ‘Bake my day’ or ‘One, Two, Tea’ will always raise a smile, puns and buns – a winning way to brew a new start up.


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