Things You Must Do After Your Car Is Stolen

You probably have a car. The car must have insurance. Otherwise you can not drive in the USA. But sometimes accidents happen. Your can get stolen too. We are going to talk about what measures you should take after your car is stolen.

Inform the police

This is the first step. After your car is stolen, you have to report it to the authority. It is recommended that you contact the police from the place from where your car got stolen. Do not move from there until the police arrive. If you feel any lack of security then you should go to safety. Report everything to the police after the have arrived.

Inform the Insurance Company

Your auto insurance may or may not cover the car theft damage. In both cases you must inform the incident of the theft to the company. It will be better if you also tell the company about the case number and other police details. It will also save some valuable time.

Apply for a Car Title

It is quite unfortunate to say that, if your car is not found out by the authority in an hour, there is a little chance that you will see your car ever again. But do not be dishearten. There will be some problem but they will not trouble you much if you have insurance. You have to immediately inform the dealer that your car has been stolen and discuss with him how to get your car title. Car title, commonly known as the pink slip is the proof of your ownership over the car. If your car is stolen and you want to buy a new car you have to cancel the stolen car’s car title and make a new title. Otherwise you may be accused of the crime that has been done with the car after the theft.

Well, you have to be careful before you buy a car. Choose the insurance policy that covers the car theft damages. Also keep the keys with you all the time. Do not hang them in beside the hanger of the front door. These little tips are going to save your car in the future.

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