Professional Athletes Need More Than Just A Slap On The Wrist!

When Michael Turner – NFL Running Back for the Atlanta Falcons – was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding, even as a Falcons fan myself, I was heavily disappointed when I saw that he had not even received a single game suspension for his actions. These days, it seems like the most that pro-athletes get for committing misdemeanors is a slap on the wrist and maybe a minor scolding from coaches behind closed doors. With how many young kids idolize these athletes, I believe that at LEAST a one game suspension should always follow any crime or wrongdoing done by the player.

That way, when a kid asks why his favorite player isn’t playing in today’s game, you can tell him it was because he did a very bad thing and is being punished for it. That’s a great opportunity to really pound into a kid’s head that crime is completely unacceptable. Instead, with little to no punishment being enforced on the players, it seems as if they’re sending the opposite message.

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