Online Security Today

We have heard about online security nowadays. Some people are familiar with the site,, and other websites with similar content. Basically, the subject is very important. After all, we have been using the Internet in our daily interactions. We want to be protected against spamming, cyber-bullying, computer virus and other online risks. Aside from that, we want to keep our files safe and protected from any form of corruption and abuse. In other words, we want online security as much as we want to be protected and safe at home.

For three times, I experienced cyber-bullying. Some of my supposed-to-be friends sent nasty email messages through my account. I didn’t feel happy of what they did. I learned that they want to inflict damage against my online portfolio. Maybe, they’re curious as to the things that I enjoyed online. I am not sure. But they’re really rude. No wonder I really want to be secured while using the Internet.

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