3 LinkedIn Ideas to Get Noticed by Big Companies

Social media. You’re either connected or you’re not. Do you routinely spend your morning commute glued to the latest status updates? Instagramming their breakfast pics or tweeting away in 42 characters or less? Yes? Instead of wasting time cyber stalking an old frenemy, set up a LinkedIn account and get ahead in your career without spending hundreds of dollars on a corporate wardrobe you may never wear. How do you get in front of big company CEO’s and keep their eyes glued to the screen? Besides a winning smile (lip wattage really does add a whole new dimension of approachability to your personality), follow these five pointers and start putting yourself first, front and centre before that promotion or opportunity is snapped up by someone less deserving.

The YOU Campaign

Think of yourself as a product…Have an image in mind? Great, hold onto it. If you weren’t you (how confusing), how would you sell your experience and suitability, convincing a random visitor you might be ideal for the job they’ve just released into the webosphere? If it sounds impossible, it isn’t. When we approach employers directly, it’s well within our interests to promote our relevant experience, skills and unique qualities, forming a beneficial trifecta of promise – if we adopt this rationale and apply it to LinkedIn, a profile needs to communicate who we are professionally, where we have been and our goals for the future, topped off by a lovely image and a few contact details. Once you’ve organised an online professional identity (and it can be a bit time consuming at first), get out there and put the network in social networking. Join clubs and groups, participate in discussion and identify relevant influencers, keeping on top of industry trends, sharing links or contributing your own.

Be Active!

Captivate, Don’t Deprecate

You may have heard internet marketers throw around terms like engagement and social shares – while these keywords are certainly industry related, they are certainly applicable to the YOU brand. Following on from our previous paragraph, creating intelligent and relatable content (vlogs, YOUTUBE posts, podcasts, Tumblr posts, articles or interest pieces) is key to standing out from a host of others who carry the same qualifications, experience and tired links around, hoping just being connected is enough to get the attention of corporate giants. Giants don’t become a big deal by resting on their laurels. Job seeking is no longer simply scouring a list of Randstad jobs in Sydney, and other capital cities, an applicant must define their intentions and an insight to their driving graces. Our suggestion? Stand up and say, “Hey you, look at me, I can’t quite offer you the moon yet, but how about a satellite?”

Content is powerful!

It’s Story Time!

The most important thing (and this is something 80% of LinkedIn enthusiasts forget), your profile should be a fascinating vignette, so compelling the reader must run their eyes over the miniature of your experience, be wowed by your education, glory in your successes, get a taste of your past projects and finally, relate to you as person.
Personality sells!

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Have you found it useful in enhancing your career or is it just another login?
Jessica Hannah

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