The New Era of Hybrid Cars

When the first hybrid automobile rolled into the Paris Exposition of 1900 folks might have thought that the contraption was interesting, but certainly the people living during that era, had no idea that the machine built by the 23 year old engineer named Ferdinand Porsche would someday revolutionize an entire planet. Porsche’s car was powered by electricity and could travel 38 miles and at a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.

From Ugly Ducklings to Beautiful Swans

From the time that hybrid cars were invented up until recent years, people by and large have avoided them, because frankly many of the models that were produced were less than appealing to the eye. Today the tide has turned for hybrid vehicles, as they are now just as sporty and sexy as their gasoline rivals, and are quickly becoming some of the most sought after vehicles on the market. From Volvo, to BMW, to Chevrolet, to General Motors, it seems like every car manufacturer is in competition to build the hottest, sleekest, hybrid on the planet.

Safety First

As with any vehicle that is manufactured, safety is always a concern. Potential buyers want to be assured that if, heaven forbid, they were in an accident, that they could have a fairly decent chance of survival. Buyers want to feel confident that the car that they are driving, won’t just spontaneously burst into flames upon impact. When it comes to hybrid vehicles, manufacturers have placed a high emphasis in regards to safety mechanisms, one vehicle however, has exceeded all expectations in regards to safety, and has become the safest car on Earth. The model S manufactured by tesla was given the highest crash test ranking of any vehicle ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Good for the Environment

In the final analysis of it all, most people in today’s society are coming to the realization that hybrid cars are the wave of the future. As people become more environmentally conscious and aware, they are understanding the importance of the need for more sustainable energy sources. Global warming and escalating gas prices are also changing the minds of many when it comes to hybrids. Hybrids are good for the planet because they reduce carbon emissions, and the minimize gasoline usage, thus making them good for your wallet as well. Hybrids are not just for the tree huggers anymore.

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