Let the world hear your music

My brother is a great musician. He can play almost every instrument he gets his hands on—I guess that’s what makes him a gifted child. We’ve noticed this special behavior of his since he was three. He used to ignore all his other toys and focus his attention on my old xylophone toy. Growing up, he’s devoured many music books and learned to play thousands of songs from a variety of genres.

My parents and I are extremely proud of him and we’ve been pushing him to perform some of his compositions in front of other people. He kept telling us he wasn’t ready and he needed more time to prepare. My mom, being really persistent, thought of a brilliant gift idea for his 18th birthday. She bought a few recording equipment from Chameleon Labs at musician’s friend and set it up in his bedroom. Soon enough, he gave us a CD which had some of his best pieces in it. It was really beautiful! With his permission, I sent it out to some record labels and shared it on YouTube and SoundCloud. Finally, my baby brother can share his music to the world!

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